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Vinyl Flooring Construction

The old vinyl floor construction type was called inlaid construction and and is not produced much today because of limited design capability and the tremendous advancements and innovations in rotogravure vinyl flooring.

Inlaid contruction

The inlaid process used solid colored vinyl chips that were laid on top of a carrier sheet and then bonded together with heat and pressure. The inlaid process generally resulted in geometric type patterns and designs. Residential inlaid floors have a clear wearlayer placed over the top of the chips to make the floor's finish easier to maintain. The appearance retention of inlaid vinyl flooring was dependent on how long the clear finish would last.

rotogravure contruction

The rotogravure printing process has dramatically improved over the years. It is the most commonly used method for manufacturing residential vinyl sheet flooring and offers unlimited possibilities in pattern and design. This involves a print cylinder that spins around while the vinyl's core layer (called the gel coat) passes underneath. The cylinder systematically prints various colored ink dyes to create the pattern. After the print dyes are set a clear wearlayer is applied to the surface. Like the inlaid the appearance retention of a rotogravure floor is dependent on the durability of the clear wearlayer.

Today's leading vinyl flooring manufacturers have really revolutionized vinyl flooring. The realism is almost unbelieveable with the advancements in photo printing and textured surfaces. Vinyl flooring durability and stain-resistance has also improved dramatically with advancements in the backings, such as fiberglass backings, and in wear surfaces with embedded aluminum oxide particles. Overall, the construction of vinyl flooring is vastly different and better than what was ever offered in the past. For example, below is the construction for Amstrong's StrataMax Vinyl Flooring.

Armstrong StratMax Vinyl Flooring Construction

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