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Linoleum Flooring

*Linoleum floors are not made of vinyl.

Armstrong Marmorette LinoleumAlthough linoleum floors have been around for more than a century many people confuse it with vinyl floors. The fact is the two floors are very different and should not be grouped together.

Linoleum is primarily made of all natural products, such as linseed oil from flax, wood powder, limestone, resins and some colored pigments. The backing is made from jute, which is a natural grass.

Today, there are several manufacturers still producing linoleum floors. Armstrong with their Marmorette Collection. Forbo (world linoleum leader) with Marmoleum sheet and tile floors and Domco Tarkett with their Linosom Collection. All three companies offer a wide array of colors and patterns for both commercial and residential use.

Linoleum floors have been made in Europe and sold in the United States for many years, by companies like Forbo. In commercial applications linoleum has been used for years because it is extremely durable, burn-resistant, sanitary qualities, allergen-free and made of all natural ingredients.

For home owners looking for something different in bright, lively colors and made for active lifestyles you may want to ask about linoleum floors. For color and design ideas a good place to start your search is seeing Forbo's Marmoleum Floors or Armstrong's Marmorette genuine linoleum floors.

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