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vinyl flooring that looks like real wood

Mannington Vinyl Flooring roomscene Why is the consumer demand for vinyl flooring steadily growing the past couple of years? The leading vinyl flooring manufacturers have been paying attention and have made dramatic performance improvements and styling changes that consumers and designers alike are asking for. With much better realism, exciting new visual designs and tougher wear surfaces, vinyl flooring has become an excellent choice for frugal homeowners looking for value, design, color and easy maintenance. Plus, the innovations in vinyl flooring backing systems is allowing these floors to be used over more types of subfloors and in areas of the home that wasn't advisable in the past.

Fiberglass-backed Vinyl Flooring
Today, the leading vinyl flooring manufacturers have incorporated a special fiberglass backing that adds stability, durability and makes installation much easier over a variety of sub-floors. The fiberglass-backing is extremely flexible and helps overcome minor irregularities in subfloors. Most manufacturers say their fiberglass-backed vinyl floors can be installed either loose-laid or glued down with special pressure sensitive adhesives. Although most flooring retailers and installers prefer the glue-down method to prevent callback issues from sliding chairs and furniture over the top of the vinyl flooring.

Enhanced Wearlayers & Stain-Resistant Finishes
The wear layers for the better vinyl floors have also been considerably beefed up. Many have special, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant finishes with aluminum oxide particles embedded in the finish to enhance the wearlayer's performance. This is making the new generation vinyl floors tougher and more durable than ever offered before.

Sensational New Designs, Textures & Realism
What really is helping spur the consumer demand for vinyl flooring is the amazing new designs, realism and ease of maintenance. Vinyl flooring is definitely coming back into fashion. The new wood, stone and tile designs look so real you have to literally reach down and touch them to see if it's the real thing or not. These better visual designs and technology advancements are driving more and more consumers to look at vinyl flooring as a wonderful flooring option, especially for bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, foyers, basements, rec rooms and family rooms.

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