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Laminate Flooring Review
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Laminate Flooring Review
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Laminate Flooring Review

Laminate flooring is a great choice for active areas of the home.

Laminate flooring technology has dramatically improved over the past few years and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish laminate flooring from real natural wood and tile flooring. Laminate flooring is not just offered in wood plank designs, many manufacturers offer a wide range of colors in realistic stone, slate and tile designs with grout lines.

Before choosing a laminate floor be sure to see our Laminate Flooring Construction Review.

Laminate flooring is often confused with real engineered hardwood flooring. enginnered wood floors are constructed totally from real wood plies that are laminated together. Where as, laminate flooring consist of some type of fiber core body with a photographic print layer and a clear top coating of melamine resins. See our Laminate Flooring Construction Review for more details.

There many advantages to laminate flooring. Laminate floors can give you realistic looking ceramic or stone tile appearances without the hassle of having to clean soiled grout joints and is far less costly to install. Also, if you are concerned with upkeep of a wood floor (especially with large pets) than a laminate floor may be your answer. If you are concerned with tearing up your old floor than a floating laminate floor may be a great alternative for you. (Floating refers to the floating installation method, where the individual planks are locked together but never attached to the subfloor underneath. Laminate floors have a special tongue and groove locking system that tightly join the planks & tiles together. No glue, nails or staples needed.)

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The leading manufacturers of laminate flooring use sophisticated, computerized technology to create extremely realistic plank and tile design patterns. The top melamine finish wearlayer is incredibly durable and very easy to care for. The finish layer is impervious to most stains, spills, burns and is extremely scratch resistant.

See our Laminate Flooring Manufacturers Directory for a complete list and links to their web sites.

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