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Kitchen Tile

Today, homeowners have numerous kitchen tile options to choose from. Kitchen tiles are offered in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and design styles and can be used on the kitchen floors, walls anmd countertops. At many tile stores you can also select from beautiful tiles imported from around the World. Rather than just going with plain tiles from a home center take the time to go and explore your kitchen tile options at some of the specialty tile shops in your local area. You will be truly amazed at all the wonderful options.

Kitchen flooring tiles are available in ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosiacs and even natural stones. The two things to note before buying kitchen floor tiles are what your sub-floor is (including floor joist construction) to be sure it can handle the additional weight from the tiles, and will the additional height of your floor caused by the tile's height create any problems. Also, there is a trend today towards using very large tiles (16" x 16" or larger) in kitchens which need better structural support underneath the tile to aovid cracking tiles from any floor movement, or floor bounce.