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Hardwood Flooring Plank Edge Styles

Hardwood flooring planks have either a beveled edge or a square edge. The depth of the beveled v-groove can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. "Eased edge" has a very shallow v-groove, not as deep as the older, solid wood floors use to have.

Beveled edges do serve a purpose. Beveled edge planks are more forgiving when installing over irregular surfaces. So you have less of a chance of one plank sticking up higher than the planks next to it, which could lead to splintering of the wood.

Beveled Edge Planks
beveled edge wood plank

Beveled edge planks have a very distinctive, deep v-groove. They lend themselves more to an informal and country decor. The deep beveling helps hide sub floor irregularities that could result in variations in height between planks.

Eased Edge Planks
micro-beveled edge wood plank

Each plank has a slight beveled edge, or shallow v-groove. Eased edge is also referred to micro-beveled. The eased edges help hide minor irregularities and uneveness beltween plank heights.

Square Edge Planks
square edge wood plank

The edges of all planks meet squarely creating a smooth, uniform surface that blends the wood floor together from plank to plank. The overall look of this floor gives a more contemporary flair and formal feeling to the room.

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