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Hardwood Flooring Review

Columbia Hardwood Floors
Columbia Hardwood Flooring
If you are like most people you probably love the look and charm of real hardwood flooring. For centuries people have used wood floors throughout their homes to add warmth and charm. Hardwood floors never seem to go out of fashion and can add real value to your home. Today, many designers recommend hardwood floors as the main base-layer and then suggest a rug to enhance the room's overall interior color scheme.

The manufacturers of pre-finished hardwood floors have dramatically improved the finish, durability and ease of maintenance of hardwood flooring. No more paste waxing your hardwood floors! With the introduction of engineered wood floors you can use hardwood flooring in many different areas in the home that 3/4" solid wood flooring are not recommended for. Also, engineered wood floors waste less of the tree during production. See engineered wood floors for more information. Many engineered wood floors can now be floated over a variety of sub-floors and without having to staple, nail or glue-down the planks to the sub-floor.

It is truly amazing today how many new colorations, wood species, and widths are available to homeowners. Besides the common North American hardwoods (such as oak, maple, hickory and ash), many wood flooring manufacturers now offer exotic hardwood species from all around the World. If you are looking for ways to really express your own personal interior decorating tastes with a more unique looking wood floor you need to go see the exotic wood floors offered by many of the hardwood flooring brands.

An extremely popular trend in wood floors today is the handscraped hardwood floors offered by many of the wood flooring companies.. If you desire a more rustic-looking wood floor with lots of character than be sure to see the samples of handscraped hardwood floors before you buy.

In the hardwood flooring section you can learn all about the different types of hardwood flooring and where each one can be used. Also, be sure to see our article about floating floors for more details.

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