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Today's homeowners looking at hardwood flooring want longer wearing, more scratch-resistance and and longer lasting finishes. Some of the hardwood flooring manufacturers are addressing these needs with new flooring finishes and technologies to make their floors tougher and longer lasting than ever before.

Although hardwood really has not changed, many of the factory finishes have changed and become more durable over the past few years, which adds to the floor's performance and longivity, as well as beauty. Recently, Shaw Hardwood Flooring unveiled ScufResist Plantinum, a high-performance finish offered in it's Epic brand floors. Also, Anderson Hardwood Flooring recently introduced Luster-Lock Ultra and doubled the finish warranty to 50 Years. This is their newest high-perfromance, abrasion-resistant hardwood flooring.

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring has re-launched Premier Performance, which is an acrylic impregnated process. Through this special process all the wood fibers and plies are infused with acrylic. This dramatically improves the hardness and durability of the hardwood flooring planks. Arrmstrong's Premier Performance will be available in a wide variety of Armstrong hardwood flooring product lines.

Many other hardwood flooring manufacturers are also improving their finishes to meet consumer's demands for 2010. Hardwood flooring remains one of the best home improvement investments consumers can make to add value to their homes. If you want a long-lasting hardwood floor be sure to see the new hardwood flooring products at your local flooring retailer..

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