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Glueless Floating Hardwood Flooring

More and more hardwood flooring manufacturers are introducing hardwood floors that do not require any glue, staples, or nails during installation. These type of wood floors are often referred to as: click-lock, self-locking or glueless installation system and are all manufactured with the engineered wood construction. The engineered wood construction is more dimensionally stable than solid wood floors because of its multiply-construction and is ideal for incorporating the patented Valinge tongue-and-groove self-locking system that we often see with laminate flooring brands.

Glueless Engineered wood Plank ProfileLike laminate floors, glueless wood floors are floated during installed because the planks are never secured directly to the sub-floor underneath. Instead, they require some type of plastic poly film to be layed over the top of the sub-floor first before installing the planks. The wood planks are then locked together without the use of any glue which allows the wood floor to float freely over the subfloor. Along all the edges of the room you are still required to leave room for expansion and contraction of the planks. Even the trims and moldings are never secured to the floating wood floor, instead they are secured to the vertical walls. Door jambs need to cut to avoid pinching any planks as well.

This now gives homeowners another choice. If you prefer a real hardwood floor but also prefer a floor that requires no glue, nails or staples during installation than this is the perfect option for you. Like all floating type floors you will still need a level sub-floor with no dips or high areas that will interfere with locking planks together. You will also still need some of the basic tools used during all wood floor installations, including: jambsaw, miter box, table saw, straight edge, chaulk line, tape measure, etc..

Some of the flooring manufacturers that now offer glueless hardwood flooring include: Mannington Wood Floors, Shaw Floors, Preverco, Award Hardwood Floors, Bruce Hardwood Flooring, Armstrong and others.