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Flooring Software, Accounting & Estimating Software

Bid Tech, Inc. - offers a unique competitive advantage to all sectors of the flooring industry. The Bid Tech "Plus" Estimating System minimizes the learning curve - anyone on your staff can learn to use within a short training period! The Plus delivers cutting edge computing performance with dynamic speed; increased accuracy by measuring with the DISTO laser meter or GTCO digitizer and completeness by delivering a total bid price. Use the Bids Stone & Tile Program to design-build your very own floor pattern or wall tile layout. Color-code different flooring materials with the layering option in Bid Tech Lite / EG and have your floor plans c/w seaming diagramsdisplayed on-screen.

Callidus Planning Software Systems - Callidus...the world's leading system for commercial flooring installation with several hundred installations across the world saving our clients time and money on a daily basis. Callidus takes information from scale drawings, site measurements, AutoCAD and scanned drawings to calculate all the information you require for flooring installations.

CDMS, Inc. - CDMS INC. The Carpet Dealer Management System will put all your business information at your finger tips. CDMS was designed specifically for the floorcovering industry.

Chadwick & Associates Management Systems - (CAMS) a comprehensive software solution available for floor covering manufacturers and distributors. From the manufacturing floor to the front office, the CAMS system provides the critical tools for you and your staff to plan, manage, report and grow! The CAMS system was created and is supported by Chadwick and Associates, a leading provider of successful solutions for the floor covering industry for over 20 years.

Comp-U-Net - has been designed to be a full Internet services provider for the floor covering industry. With over nineteen years of experience writing software for the Floor Covering Industry. By providing top quality Web site design and customized graphics, Comp-U-Net is now able to give your company the tools it needs to expand it's area of doing business.

CRW Systems - The CRW Flooring System was built for retailing flooring. The system enables the user to easily provide quotes, updates to customer orders, purchase material from suppliers and install - all with their own costs and selling prices.

Dancik International, Ltd - Dancik International is the leading provider of integrated software solutions and professional services for the floor covering, ceramic tile, natural stone, and home decor industries. By combining leading edge visualization technology with point-of-sale and distribution management systems, Dancik International provides retailers, distributors and manufacturers with the tools to serve their customers better, extend their reach into the supply chain and revolutionize the way consumers make home improvement decisions.

Eclipse, Inc. - Eclipse Distribution Software is designed for hardgoods distributors. Eclipse is software written in the 90s to take full advantage of the latest technologies available.

Floor Estimator - FloorEstimator 4.0 (by SIGMA MICRO SYSTEM, INC.) is an indispensable tool for effectively estimating flooring projects in a cost effective and time saving manner. It is designed to handle any project from simple to complex with accuracy and speed. This user friendly software has been implemented with the help of floor covering sales people to ensure its ease of use.

Floor Covering Soft - FloorEstimate Pro is a software productivity tool for floor covering professionals, especially for floor retailers, installers, field sales reps and contractors. A sales rep simply layouts a floor plan and FloorEstimate Pro automatically computes in a second the linear material length required and layouts the way how material is cut to eliminate unnecessary waste. Materials can be carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood with various material width. FloorEstimate Pro saves time, minimizes material waste, shortens the quotation process to customers. And the bottom line, it helps you be more effective in providing better service to your customers.

Focus Floor Covering Software - Here you will find information on software products and services we offer to the flooring industry. Our main product, Focus, is a simple, yet powerful Microsoft Windows based business management and accounting package designed specifically for flooring retailers and contractors.

FloorSoft, Inc. - is a leader in inventory utililization software for the Floor Covering Industry. Our optimization routines have been perfected over 25 years of daily use throughout the industry. FloorSoft solutions are deployed worldwide across a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. FloorSoft currently employs talented developers with expertise in COBOL, RPG, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, and JavaScript.

Flooring Technologies, Inc. - (See also QFloors) The user-friendly software designed to help efficiently manage small to mid-size retail flooring companies. Fully integrated, it organizes, records, and administers inventory, sales, accounting, ordering, payroll, scheduling, and other operations.

FloorsNOW Technology Corporation - is the first E-Commerce Application Service Provider to enable the North American floor covering industry with advanced XML architected e-business applications.

Gartman Systems - provides custom programming, consulting services, and software for users of IBM midrange computer systems (System/3X and AS/400). Our services are now used by diverse industries including distribution, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and medical.

NIVBEN Software, Inc. - Introducing a new Microsoft Windows version of "PROFESSIONAL 2020 ESTIMATING PROGRAM". A new tool has been developed by Nivben Software Inc. to save your company time and money. An estimating program that can handle carpet, sheet goods, tile, ceramic tile and hardwood. For the novice operator, the ease of operation will astound you.

Pacific Solutions - specializes in the development and sale of state of the art software for the flooring industry utilizing both the Microsoft's Windows and Macintosh platforms. Our products include Retail Floor Manager, Contract Floor Manager and FloorRight estimation software. Pacific Solutions also offers custom database development. Product training is available both on site and through classroom conferences throughout the year.

On Center Software - On Center Software specializes in providing estimating software to the construction industry. Our software is not only extremely powerful, but easy enough to use for even a novice computer user. Whether you are looking for innovative takeoff tools, powerful estimating products with easy-to-use project management or the "state of the art" in online services--you've come to the right place!

RFMS - (Resource and Financial Management Systems, Inc.) is recognized in the flooring industry as the leader in business software for flooring retailers. RFMS has solutions for estimating, B2B and a single/multi-user floor covering management system.

Systems Designs, Inc. - (Prism) We are a leading provider of software and technical services for the wholesale distribution industry. As a business assistance company, our professional staff specializes in tools, technology, and support for progressive distributors who are interested in increasing their profits.

SystemsNet, Inc. - (Floors For Windows™) is a business software developer specializing in products designed for the flooring industry. Our systems are available for Windows '95™, '98™, and Windows NT™ platforms as well as DOS, UNIX and IBM-AIX operating systems.

Textile Management Systems - (TMS) creates the Roll Master Floor Covering Software System. Roll-Master is currently available in versions which will run in MSDOS®, Windows®, Windows 95®, Novell®, Lantastic®, Unix®, Xenix® and over 500 other operating systems. Roll-Master is modular in design, providing real-time data interactivity.

VenCom Technologies, Inc - VenCom EDI is an Internet based B2B software product which allows dealers to download data directly from major vendor websites into their in-house database and/or accounting systems. The data includes each dealers' product catalog, pricing, electronic invoices and ship notices. Automated Purchasing is expected become operational during the second quarter of 2001.