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Flooring Accessories, Tools & Related Products

Ardex - manufacturer of patching compounds, toppings, self-leveling flooring underlayment, ceramic setting materials, and more.

Airsled® - is ideal for moving computers, periperal equiptment, dies, various types of machinery, appliances, and vending machines.

BAIKOWSKI CHIMIE SA. - The world's leading supplier of ultra-pure Aluminum Oxide (99.9%). Used as functional additives in technical polymers, coatings, inks or composites, at final concentration as low as 5% or even less, BAIKALOX® and MEDIALOX® aluminas can enhance specific properties for laminate flooring.

Basic Coatings, Inc. - Manufacturer of hardwood floor finishes, sealers, stains, cleaners, and application equipment. Basic Coatings' Wood Floor Care System offers an easy-to-use and affordable system for the care of all types of urethane finished hardwood floors.

BonaKemi USA, Inc. - Manufacturer of the "Environmental Choice" Waterborne Hardwood Floor Finishing and Maintenance Products, Oil-Modified Finishes Dust Containment Floor Sanding Equipment and Tools.

W.R. Bonsal Company - a leading manufacturer and marketer of building products for residential and commercial construction and is one of the largest quartzite aggregate producers. Bonzal manufactures a complete line of products used by tile contractors for the installation of ceramic tile, stone and marble. The product line includes thin sets, grouts, adhesives, epoxies, waterproofing membranes, sound proofing products and a concrete backerboard.

Bostik - is the world's fifth largest adhesives and sealants manufacturer. Bostik's wide range of flooring systems covers many types of flooring from ceramic tile to hardwood. Included is a comprehensive selection of hardwood flooring adhesives, Hydroment® tile-setting mortars and grouts and CeramaSeal® tile and stone maintenance products.

Brockie International - has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of cutting and merchandising equipment in North America for the floor covering industry. Manufacturer of the Accu-Cut IVC-20.

Burke Flooring Products - manufacture of high quality vinyl and rubber wall base (Burkebase), rubber stair treads, rubber tile, and flooring accessories, called BurkeShapes.

Chicago Adhesive Products Company - (CHAPCO) manufacture of high quality adhesives, and specialties for all of your floor covering installation needs. Our adhesive products include Carpet and Multi-purpose, Ceramic, Resilient, Wood, Cove Base, Specialities, Sealers and Cleaners.

Color Rite, Inc. - Color Rite can match thousands of colors for all the leading laminate, solid surface, kitchen and bath fixture, flooring material, wall covering and paint brands. With an advanced acrylic/adhesive formula, Color Rite dries firm but flexible to caulk countertops and splash boards, fill and seal seams and gaps, and adhere miter joints. Plus, it adheres to all interior finishes.

Corterra by Shell Chemicals - CORTERRA™ Poly Trimethylene Terephthalate (PTT) is a revolutionary new polymer that combines the best properties of polyester and nylon--two of the most popular textile and carpet polymers (for both staple and continuous filament products).

DAP - a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants, adhesives, wood preservatives, paints, repair products, floor covering preparation products, and ceramic tile installation products for the construction and do-it-yourself industries.

DinoFlex Manufacturing, Ltd. - a Canadian manufacturer of a variety of rubber surfacing products from recycled rubber.

DUOFAST Corporation - From our powerful, high speed coil and strip nailers, to our fine wire staplers, DUO-FAST's heavy-duty tools and fasteners are designed and built for professionals..

E-Z Cut, Inc. - is located in the city of Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada and is a Worldwide manufacturer of carpet and vinyl cutting machine systems.

Franklin International - Franklin International is a privately-held, Columbus, Ohio-based adhesives and sealants manufacturer that has been producing high-performance products for over 60 years. Franklin's products are now distributed globally and touch the lives of millions, but we still hold to our original philosophy, creativity, and innovation with an intense focus on personalized service and superior value.

Glitsa American Inc. - manufacturer of the top quality Swedish finishes for all types of hardwood floors.

Kinetics Noise Control - Kinetics' Soundmatt is a floor underlayment used to control sound transmission of both impact and air borne noise. Like Kinetics' SR Floorboard, this product is best suited for construction that calls for hard floor surfaces such as; hardwood, ceramic, stone, or ceramic tile.

Mapei - a leading manufacturer of quality floor covering installation products.

Maxxon® Corporation - Maxxon's Therma-Floor is the ideal underlayment for radiant floor heat in all types of construction. Therma-Floor turns floors into the ultimate radiators, delivering luxurious heating comfort and efficiency to any home or commercial building. Maxxon's Acousti-Mat is a dense rubber pad that inhibits sound transfer through floors, even with hard-surface floor goods such as tile and hardwoods.

Mercer® Products Company - As the industry's leading quality producer of vinyl and rubber wall base, stair treads, transitional mouldings and accessories, Mercer's focus and expertise is flooring accessories that provide innovation, and performance, backed by proven service since 1958.

Miracle Sealants Company - Miracle Sealants Company is one of the world's leading manufactures of premium quality, professional grade care products for tile, grout, marble, limestone, natural stone, concrete and masonry surfaces. We have surpassed the industry standard for more than 15 years satisfying thousands of customers in the tile, stone, masonry, design, architectural, janitorial and private label industries. Products include: penetrating sealers, cleaners, color enhancements, abrasives and machinery.

National Carpet Equipment, Inc. - World's most innovative tool designer and manufacturer. Whether it's a simple tool or a major labor saving device, NATIONAL is in the business of solving problems, from heavy material handling to fine precision carving, beveling and everything in between. Learn how to create and produce decorative rugs at National Carpet Equipment's Rug School.

Nuheat - manufacturer of a radiant floor heating system similar to a wafer thin electric blanket. Easily installed under ceramic tile, carpet and engineered wood floors in both new construction and renovation projects.

Optimum Technologies, Inc. - has been manufacturing flooring related products for over 15 years. These products include patented releasable carpet installation systems, anti-slip products, stair nosing, edge trim, safety lighting and many other innovative items for the home and office.

Para-Chem, Inc. - Parabond is a leading manufacturer of quality floor covering adhesives for all types of installation applications.

Powernail® Company - manufactures a variety of nailers for hardwood flooring installations.

Primatech - manufactures manual and pneumatic nailers and cleats for hardwood and engineered floor.

Proknee® - When your knees demand the best. Proknee® is the only kneepad of its kind. Several years of design changes and actual field testing are combined with state of the art engineering and manufacturing procedures.

Roberts Consolidated Industries - a quality manufacturer of floor covering installation products.

Roppe Corporation - One of the nation's leading manufacturers of rubber and vinyl flooring products worldwide.

Sealflex Industries, Inc. - Sealflex Industries has for these past 20 years dealing with flooring moisture problems. They offer Moisture Detection Kits, Membrane systems and moisture-resistant adhesives for both residential and commercial applications.

Senco Products, Inc. - manufactures a full line of precision tools to help installation professionals meet the growing demands for hardwood flooring.

Taylor Tools - a quality manufacturer of professional floor covering tools and supplies.

W.F. Taylor Co. Inc. - is a manufacturer of state of the art environmentally friendly adhesives and epoxies for installation of floorcovering products including resilient flooring, carpet products, carpet cushion, wood, ceramic tiles and vinyl composition tiles.

Toolguide Corporation - is the sole North American distributor for Festo Tooltechnic. Festo manufacturers the finest tools for precision cutting of laminate floors and is used by all the major laminate flooring manufacturers in their demonstrations. Festo tools are a must for any serious professional laminate flooring installer!

Vaprecision Testing Systems - The Calcium Chloride Moisture Test is specified by the vast majority of floor covering product manufacturers. Vaprecision manufacturers a high quality test kit and related accessories.

Vaqus - manfacturer of the Vinyl Utility Tool. The tool is a unique new multi-use vacuum suction tool created to aid installers in smoothing and stretching sheet floor coverings, making the flooring lay smooth and flat on the base substrate. The tool can also be used to assist in the installation and gripping of laminate, vinyl flooring, and even help with moving appliances.

Zoroufy - for over 15 years Zoroufy has been the leading manufacturer and importer of decorative brass stair rods and related accessories.