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Travertine Tile

Travertine TileTravertine tile has a natural rich beauty that has been adored and used as a building material since the Roman Empire. The beautiful, natural stone tiles have unique veining and a subtle blend of beige color variations caused by the sedimentary rocks, minerals and limestone deposits that crystallize over hundreds of years. These tiles are characterized by their irregular edges and surfaces.

Travertine tiles can be used on both the floor and wall in both indoor and exterior applications. They come in filled (pores and holes filled) and unfilled stone tiles, as well as polished or tumbled tiles. Each tile is unique in both color variations and in overall surface appearance and veining. Tumbling the travertine tiles gives the tiles a more rounded, time-worn or ancient appearance.

The recommended cleaning is to dust and use neutral-based cleaners when needed. Do not use acidic type cleaners, such as vinegar. Special ph-balanced, stone cleaners are preferred to protect the stone's finish and should be available from where ever your purchased your floor.

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