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Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone floors offer a distinct and beautiful alternative to your flooring choices. Each stone has it own unique visual appearance. Unlike glazed ceramic tiles, stone tiles do not have a protective glazed coating on top and the color goes all the way through the tiles.

Marble Tile Floors

Marble tile

Marble floors have been used for centuries and can add an aura of splendor and sophistication to any room. No two pieces of marble are exactly alike which helps create the distinctive natural visuals that are only achieved within nature. Polishing the marble tiles gives them a patina that enhances the overall beauty of each tile. Installation is really left to the professionals who know how to handle and worth with marble and other stones.

Granite Floors

Granite floor tiles

Granite is one of the hardest and most durable of all stones used in flooring. The speckled colorations found in granite a beautiful and subtle fine pattern of color. Polishing the granite adds a visible sheen and depth to each tile. Like marble, no two pieces are a like and color variations add to the natural beauty and appeal. Professional installation is highly recommended for installing granite floor tiles.

Slate Floors

Slate is more of a fine grained rock with traces of metal that were present during it's slow, natural formation in the earth. Natural shade variations are an inherent characteristic of slate and enhance the distinctive details of each piece. Slate has a rustic charm that appeals to our senses for natural materials.

Travertine Floors

Travertine stones helped build the Roman Empire and adds to the appeal for these stones. Crystalized minerals and limestone create these beatiful beige stones with unique color and veining characteristics. Polishing the travertine stones gve more depth, sheen and accents tbe natural variations of the stone. These two need to be installed by a professional who is use to working with stones.

Care of Stone Floors

Stones should have a special penetrating sealer to prevent staining and help protect the pores of the stone's surface. Use special cleaners made for stones that are non-acidic. Regular cleaning with a soft dust mop is recommended to help remove dirt and grit from the floor.

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