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Carpet Prices

Shopping for carpet can be stressful when you don't understand carpet and how carpets are priced. For example, many carpet mills have several different collection and color names for each carpet style. This way the carpet mills can offer several different carpet stores the same carpet and make it appear as each store have an exclusive for thst carpet style. This also makes it very difficult for consumers to easily compare carpet prices between several stores.

Comparing Carpet Prices

So how can consumers acurately compare carpet prices? You might begin by first making a physical inspection of the carpets.

  • Are the carpets made by the same maunfacturer?
  • Do they look like the same color?
  • Does the yarn appearance and finish look the same?

By visually setting the carpets side by side you can make some fast conclusions to whether the carpets are actually the same. This will help you narrow down your decision and speed up the buying process.

Then you will have to look on the back of each sample and compare the construction and specifications. If the specifications are not listed on the back of the samples ask the saleperson to show them to you, or check the manufacturer's website. You will want to compare the type of yarn, the face weight, total weight, pile height for sure. If everything matches up but the style and color names chances are pretty good they are both the same carpets with just the names switched. Now you can more easily compare carpet prices between different flooring stores and home centers.

Be Careful of the Tricks

carpet displayBesides switching the names on carpets, some stores will try to change the yardage they tell you that is needed for the job. Most carpets are produced 12 foot wide and when a room is wider that 12 feet additional carpet has to be orderd and seams have to be figured into the installation. It is not easy for consumers to understand how to accurately figure out how much carpet is needed for carpeting a room larger than 12 foot wide. Some stores may say you need more square footage of carpeting than they are actually are going to order from the mill. This same thing can be applied to the installation costs and to the amount of padding needed for the job. Repuatble carpet stores don't practice those deceptive sales tactics.

In larger areas some stores may show a lower price because they calculated the amount of carpet needed differently than the other stores. You should diagram out the room and exactly where the seams and splices will go in the room and how many seams are needed. That way the square footage should always the same when comparing carpet prices between stores.

Last, make sure the carpet cushion and the installation you are being quoted are the same between stores. For example: if you are looking at a 3/8" 8lb. density rebond cushion than make sure that is what you ask for at each store. Now you are ready to do some price shopping and compare apples to apples. Remember carpet stores need to make a profit to stay in business and to offer you great service. So don't expect great service, top quality installation and high quality carpet without being willing to pay for it.

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